Post Construction Cleaning in Toronto

If you’re planning or just completing a commercial renovation in Toronto, partnering with an experienced post-construction cleaning team will save you time and money. Get the pristine results you are looking for without overpaying.

At Halal Cleaner, your satisfaction comes first. From the very beginning, we’ll work with you to explore your unique needs and customize a post-construction cleanup plan that meets or exceeds your expectations without putting a giant hole in your budget. You can count on us to deliver:

  • Affordable post-construction cleanup solutions.
  • Vetted, bonded and insured cleaning personnel who are experts in our field.
  • Flexible hours and scheduling to maximize your productivity and to meet your deadlines.
  • Reliable finish dates.
  • Up to date safety and equipment training.
  • Exceptional finished results.

Customizable Post-Construction Cleaning Services at the Right Price

Stretching your budget and getting the most for your hard-earned dollar is as important to you as it is to us. We recognize that all renos are not the same, and some companies will require more or less new construction cleanup than others. Make the final product sparkle without breaking the bank. The following is just a small sample of the many post-construction cleaning services we provide:

  • Bathroom and kitchen damp cleaning for sparkling fixtures
  • Cleaning lights
  • Desk and office cleaning
  • Door sanitization
  • Dust removal from floors via damp mopping
  • Post-renovation interior window cleaning
  • Removing dust from air diffusers
  • Spot cleans for walls, dividers, glass, and other surfaces
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Construction Site Cleaning Services That Go Deeper

    Some contractors have mastered the art of keeping worksites clean better than others. If your flooring and baseboards got more than you bargained for during the building process we’ve got the precision tools, know-how, and experience to restore them quickly. Put the finishing touches on your new commercial or residential space and improve air quality immediately with:

    • Shampooing, spot cleaning, and deep carpet cleaning
    • Floor care: dry mopping, waxing, burnishing
    • Upholstery revival

    Benefits of a Construction Site Clean

    When the building phase is complete, a good contractor will usually clean up all working material, debris, and tools before signing off with you. This still leaves a large amount of work to be done before your investment is ready for use.

    Without a plan for a good construction site clean, dust and grime can build up on fixtures, lighting, windows and heating ducts leaving your beautiful new space covered in a layer of residue. Floors and baseboards will need to be spot cleaned and polished to get them looking their best.

    One of the best benefits of working with pros is knowing a reliable team of experts will arrive when you’re expecting us, and get to work right away. You can also expect our quotes to be comprehensive and upfront, since we’ve got a proven formula for calculating costs and a knack for excellent project management and execution.

    Professional House Cleaning After Construction

    Companies in Toronto already trust us with their post-construction cleanup—now, you can too! We’ve mastered project management and meeting deadlines on budget. Your home will shine when we do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

    Call us today to book an appointment to consult with Toronto’s premium post-construction cleaning pros for free.